About Us

We are a Group committed in propagate the Truths contained in the Bible without mixture and concatenate the Spirit of Prophecy to It’s great Light, The Word of God.

This website was created with intention to publish some Amazing Truths, discovered in a very old chart found in one of our very old church in the State of New Jersey. At first glance, a quote from EGW was seen, regarding our Educational Institutions, that caught our attention, but then…. the entire chart was a pure pearl, found in the dusty-basement of that little church.
Derived from the Chart “Closing Events”, this website is the culmination of more than four decades of studying and preaching on The Closing Events. Although I have researched and sought wide counsel from my ministered brethren, I do not claim that this website is the final word. It was produced for study purposes. All correction, constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements will be greatly accepted and appreciated. Therefore, your suggestions and comments are welcomed – send them at your earliest convenience.
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