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Walter Veith


From Crete to Malta – Part 1

“As we go through the book of Acts we will see how Paul’s sea voyage is a typology to how we should view the mission of the Advent movement. Are we headed in the right direction? Are we doing what God has called us to do? We will look at some current events to evaluate what’s coming next from the enemy and see what he’s up to.” Walter Veith – Amazing Discoveries


From Crete to Malta – Part 2

In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith, we will investigate the role of these groups in history and end-time prophecy. We will learn about famous families such as the Medicis that changed Christianity into a man-centered religion. Examine an old document that reveals Jesuit tactics of control and manipulation. There is a pattern of change happening, and if the aim is to eradicate Protestantism, we ought to be awake and aware!


From Crete to Malta – Part 3

In this lecture with Walter Veith we will look at the Jesuits’ various methods of winning minds so we can withstand. Who’s really in charge of theatre? Broadcasting? Entertainment? News? Perhaps there is more going on behind the scenes than we knew. Watch this compelling lecture to discover who is pulling the strings and how we can see beyond appearances to what is really going on.


From Crete to Malta – Part 4

“In recent news we have seen more reports on ecumenism than ever before. We see people from all religions coming together. In this lecture with Pastor Walter Veith we will look at current events to reveal more troubling movements in the Catholic world.” Amazing Discoveries


From Crete to Malta – Part 5

In this final lecture in Pastor Walter Veith’s series From Crete to Malta, we will look at the USA as the image of the beast to more fully understand where we stand in the stream of time. This is a pivotal time in history. If anything is not aligned with the Holy Bible, then it is not from God, so let’s get back to the Reformation and not forget the protest that makes us Protestants!

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